That’s Normal’s Book Review Policy

book club logoWe get sent a lot of books, and guess what? Some of them SUCK.

We don’t want to talk about those books, mostly because:

    • We don’t want to waste your time with something we don’t think you’d enjoy.
    • It feels kind of mean to talk about an author’s “pride and joy” in such a negative light when we just didn’t connect with the book.

So what we do here at TN is talk about the books that we love. That means you’re really only going to read positive reviews. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to talk about books that we only gave a 3 out of 5 {a book that was “okay” and we just “liked”}, but it does mean that most of the time what we recommend are things we actually think you’re going to enjoy.

And guess what!? TN is a TEAM effort full of lots of different writers and opinions. We don’t always all agree. So while one of us may not like a book, another writer may LOVE it. You might see differing opinions from time to time. That is, until we train all the contributors to be like our perfect TN robots who only do what we say *inserts maniacal laugh* 

Note for Publishers

We love working with publishers to help promote your beloved authors and their wonderful, fabulous books. We’ve done Google Hangouts with authors, author interviews (print and video), giveaways, blog tours, games, guest posts and more. Contact us to talk about what we can do to help promote your authors.

Note for Published Authors

While working with publishers is fun, our FAVORITE THING is getting to know you, the author, and telling our readers why they need to be as obsessed with you as we are. Whether we’re playing dirty taboo (a thing we did), meeting up with you at a pub in London (a thing we’re doing) or making you cocktails to drink for your one on one chat at our Comic Con abode, we want to help you tell the world about your book. If you refuse to talk to us, we might just do a fake interview with you.  Contact us to see how we can work together.

Note for unpublished Authors

And for our friends, family, distant relatives, Aunt Sally, and readers who are most definitely the next JK Rowling but just haven’t been discovered or published yet, we would totally love to read your current manuscript, but unless you lent us your kidney, we don’t have time to read unpublished or self-published works.

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