About Us

Welcome to a place where you don’t have to hide your obsessions. We know you were up till 4AM last night Google-ing Outlander costume patterns. Cause that’s totally normal. We understand that you can’t stop thinking about Four and Tris & that you’re gonna be really pissed if Allegiant doesn’t let them get it on (come on Veronica Roth!). Or that you spend hours of your day wondering if the new Doctor could possibly live up to Matt Smith and David Tennant. And it’s even normal that you’ve worried if the IT guys at work know how many times you watched that One Direction video.

We understand you. We are just like you. You are home. We want to be internet friends and meet you in six months at Comic Con — we could go in halfsies on a hotel room.

That’s Normal

That’s Normal (TN) is the 3rd internet child of Bekah Sine Decker & Nikki Pierce who you may know from such groundbreaking editorial works like Letters to Twilight and the thinking-mans daily read Letters to Rob where they were 100% serious, 100% of the time*. While we don’t talk about sparkly vampires every day (oh but we still do, occasionally!) we are joined at TN by a cast of characters & contributors who cover the news & excitement of a range of fandoms and pop culture juggernauts with an obsessive, opinionated touch. We love YA (Young Adult) books, movies & merchandise even though sadly we retired our fake IDs a few years back. We throw in the occasional TN IRL (That’s Normal In Real Life) opinion pieces about the intricacies of life like a Revealing your Nerd Room to your Significant Other and What to wear when Recovering from a Break Up. We’re waiting for the call to learn we’ve won a Pulitzer, clearly.

Who we are: Fangirls and Fanboys (no seriously- we want you boys, contact us to contribute!)

What we aren’t:  Serious, usually.

What we are: Serious, kinda.

What? We are adults who have found a way to lead obsessive lives online, yet to the outsider look as “normal” as any other (Well, any other who has three Edward Cullen cardboard cut outs in their closet**)

That’s Normal is: A place where not normal obsessions over pop culture become normal. Welcome.



**True Fact about someone here at TN.